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Whitefish Bay Residence Landscape & Stormwater Design – Build

Location Whitefish Bay, WI
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Whitefish Bay Residence Landscape & Stormwater Design – Build

After severe flooding in July 2010, the client was looking for options to help remediate stormwater quantities from roof downspouts and harvest the water for reuse in their garden. This small backyard was renovated to provide a 500-gallon collection system using an AquaBlox® storage system. Located beneath the new limestone patio the stormwater storage system provides the water source for watering plants and for the unique water feature that meanders through the garden area and patio.

The limestone patio and the water feature uses an intricate stone work and fine craftsmanship. In the water feature, stored rainwater is pumped up to the surface and bubbles from the client’s antique sharpening stones to meander down a narrow cobbled stream through the patio and back to the storage system. The water feature provides a tranquil vision and quiet respite from the stresses of the day.