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Boardwalk, Covered Terrace Outlook, Boathouse, Fire Pit & Water Feature

Client Residential Client
Location Whitefish Bay
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Boardwalk, Covered Terrace Outlook, Boathouse, Fire Pit & Water Feature

This project involved the construction of three flagstone patios, 150 feet of black locust boardwalk, a covered terrace overlook with green roof, a water feature, and a dry stack stone boathouse with a copper shingle roof and firepit. Other aspects of this project included steep slope restoration and the planting of over 2,200 native grasses, sedges, and forbs.

The upper 100 square foot flagstone patio follows a black locust plank boardwalk down the bluff to a 260 square foot covered terrace overlook. The overlook patio was constructed with a mixture of flagstone and black locust log “cookies”. The back retaining wall consists of black locust logs and the cedar log roof was covered in engineered soil with coir matting and planted with nearly 200 plugs of native grasses and forbs. Black locust stairs continue down the bluff from the overlook and descend to the covered boathouse. The boathouse was constructed of dry stack stone with a Douglas fir beam roof finished with custom copper shingles. The boathouse faces 500 square feet of flagstone patio and a custom fire pit with five large limestone rocks for seating.

Another fun and challenging aspect of this project was the rerouting of a natural spring on the property to create a recirculating water feature. Additionally, Marek utilized a steep slope restoration technique that uses a compost- based bio-engineered soil matrix with close to 50 species of native plant grasses, sedges, and forbs to increase initial stability, weed resistance, and early native plant germination.