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Indian Creek Parkway Maintenance

Client MMSD & Village of Fox Point
Location Fox Point, WI
Scope Of Work Stewardship
Schedule 2007- Present

Indian Creek Parkway Maintenance

Previously a concrete drainage corridor, Indian Creek has been deconstructed and naturalized. It has been restored to a series of basins and linear infiltration swales composed of wet mesic prairie vegetation native to the area. The system was designed to slow the flow of storm water runoff and improve the area’s water holding capacity. Deep rooted native plants reduce flooding potential and improve water quality as the storm water infiltrates the ground layer.

Marek’s involvement with Indian Creek began in 2007 with construction work, during which we removed a concrete channel liner, built a retaining wall, and revegetated the area with a variety of native plants and trees. We then worked with MMSD to develop a comprehensive vegetative maintenance plan and a seeding plan. Our stewardship team implemented this plans under several contracts starting in 2008 under MMSD and most recently in 2015-present with the Village of Fox Point. Along with mowing and selective weeding, we’ve conducted several prescribed burns to reduce the cattail population. Cattail was further controlled with the use of selective herbicide treatment through 2018. Invasive species control was expanded in 2018 to include mitigation efforts for cutleaf teasel (Dipsacus laciniatus) and glossy buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula).

Native vegetation cover has become visibly higher and more diverse throughout the project area. Dominant native species include cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), water plantain (Alisma sp.), blue flag iris (Iris versicolor), goldenrod species (Solidago spp.), aster species (Aster spp.) and rush species (Schoenoplectus spp., Scirpus spp.).