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Marek Landscaping, LLC Starts Freshwater Ecological, LLC

Spring 2012 – Freshwater Ecological, LLC is a division of Marek Landscaping, LLC for light marine construction specializing in habitat installations, floating island construction, shoreline stabilization, and instream construction. Our crew members have expertise in wetland ecology, fisheries biology, and plant biology. We strive to establish, reconstruct, and restore aquatic habitat in areas of critical need. Our work began in the Milwaukee River Estuary, Wisconsin, where we strive to establish a critical life line between Lake Michigan and the up river reaches of the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic Rivers. This important link will help native Lake Michigan fish cross between the urbanized estuary from historic feeding & spawning grounds. Over 80% of Great Lakes fish require a wetland to survive. The freshwater estuary is where these wetlands historically existed. They have been filled and channelized for commercial purposes, limiting habitat, and creating a major obstacle in the life cycles of native fish. Freshwater Ecological seeks to fill that gap.

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