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Plant of the Week: Acer spicatum

Plant of the Week! Acer spicatum, Mountain Maple, is a shrub-form maple found in the understory of wet forests, more common in northern Wisconsin. It can also be found on thin soils over limestone or dolomite. It’s a beautiful shrub that forms upright pointed clusters of flowers in June/July. Mountain Maple is very useful for...
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Plant of the Week: Smilax herbacea

Plant of the Week! A beautiful and elegant vining plant, Smilax herbacea (Smooth Carrion Flower) features beautiful leaves with wavy margins and parallel veins, globes of white flowers followed by large berries that ripen to dark blue-black, and last but not least, rotten meat-scented flowers! Don’t let that stop you from admiring and utilizing this...
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Plant of the Week: Arceuthobium pusillum

Plant of the Week! Wisconsin’s smallest shrub, Arceuthobium pusillum, Eastern Dwarf Mistletoe, only grows a couple centimeters tall. In the photo, it is the orange-brown plant growing out of this Black Spruce branch. A hemi-parasitic plant, it derives nutrients from host plants, eventually weakening and killing them. Dwarf Mistletoe is one of the causes for...
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