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Plant of the Week: Campanula rotundifolia

Plant of the Week! A delicate-looking, yet tough native forb, Campanula rotundifolia, Harebell, can be found on rocky outcrops and bluffs, as well as sandy prairies and open woods. The names “Campanula” and “Harebell” might make you cringe, but this plant is not the invasive Campanula rapunculoides that enjoys taking over our yards! The native...
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Plant of the Week: Potentilla palustris

Plant of the Week! You’re probably familiar with Potentilla fruticosa, commonly referred to as just “Potentilla”, (or the McDonald’s shrub! 😆), but there are other Potentilla species here in Wisconsin. One of these is Potentilla palustris, or Marsh Cinquefoil. As its name suggests, this plant can be found on wet sites such as “shallow, often...
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Plant of the Week: Sanguinaria canadensis

Plant of the Week! Another lovely woodland spring ephemeral is Sanguinaria canadensis, Bloodroot. A short-statured, rhizomatous plant, its bright white flowers are a welcome sight among the duff on the forest floor. It produces only basal leaves, which are wrapped around the flower stalks. The leaves slowly unfurl while the flower fades away. The blooming...
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