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Plant of the Week – Erythronium albidum

Plant of the Week! It’s a special time in southern Wisconsin: now that the snow is gone, spring ephemerals are starting to bloom and can be enjoyed for a short window of time before they become dormant again. Erythronium albidum is one of these fleeting wildflowers. Common names include Trout Lily, Fawn Lily, and Dogtooth Violet. The first two names refer to the plant’s beautiful mottled leaves, while “Dogtooth Violet” refers to the shape of its corm. Trout lilies can be found in mesic floodplain forests and wooded slopes, where they form dense colonies. Only mature plants produce flowers; most of the plants in a colony consist of a single leaf. America’s closest tulip relative, they can be grown in a garden, and are especially well-suited for underplanting.


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