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Plant of the Week: Hydrophyllum virginianum

Plant of the Week! Hydrophyllum virginianum, Virginia Waterleaf, gets its name from the tiny white spots that appear on its leaves, resembling water marks. It is a native mesic woodland perennial with a range that extends from Quebec south to Tennessee. It is relatively short in stature, up to 2 ft tall, and spreads through both seed and rhizomes, making an excellent groundcover for shady sites. This plant can be aggressive when given optimum growing conditions, and should be paired with equally sturdy, taller perennials such as ferns. In May and June, Virginia Waterleaf produces rounded clusters of tiny bell shaped flowers at the end of a tall stalk, somewhat resembling small Allium flower heads. According to the Xerces Society, it is a plant of special value to native bees.


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