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Plant of the Week: Monarda fistulosa

Plant of the Week! When considering winter interest in your landscape, don’t underestimate the potential of perennials. Many native forbs and grasses are sturdy enough to remain standing through winter weather, and their seed pods or spent flower heads take on a new beauty in this harsh season. Pictured here is one of these forbs, Monarda fistulosa, with frost highlighting the old seed heads. Monarda fistulosa is known as Bee Balm or Wild Bergamot, and has a strong herbal fragrance. Its lavender-pink flowers produce nectar that attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Bee balm’s native range includes most of the United States and Canada; it can be found in upland woods, prairies, as well as disturbed sites. This plant spreads both through seed and rhizomes, and it can become aggressive. Keep this in mind if you plan to plant Bee Balm in your garden.


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