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Thompson’s West End Park Expansion Masterplan

Client City of Washburn
Location Washburn, Bayfield County, Wisconsin
Schedule August 2015
Architect Arc-Int Architecture

Thompson’s West End Park Expansion Masterplan

The City of Washburn, located on the Lake Superior shoreline in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, hired Marek Landscaping and Arcint-Architecture to develop a Master Plan for the expansion of Thompson’s West End Park in Washburn, WI. The City of Washburn is prioritizing the input of both local residents and tourists to ensure the park is meeting the needs of all users. Overarching goals for the project are to enhance the park’s natural features and provide more recreational opportunities.

Marek facilitated three design workshops to garner the input of all stakeholders. The Master Plan integrates feedback from each of the public information gathering sessions.

The Master Plan includes suggested improvements for the camping area, circulation, wayfinding, architecture, playspace and natural resources. Specific areas of focus include reconfiguring roads and adding campsites (including four season “glamour camping”, or “glamping”), improving the entranceway, reconfiguring the boat launch and beach areas, adding a kayak launch site, enhancing existing children’s play area, managing storm water, improving the landscape and natural habitat, and enhancing the hiking trails. Overall, the plan emphasizes and celebrates the public waterfront, most prominently demonstrated through the conversion of a shoreline road and parking area into a public car-free boardwalk.